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January 15, 2014

RAF Editorial Volume 9: Issue 1

With this issue, the Review of Australian Fiction has entered its third year in production. Somehow we have survived the first two years. In that time we have published 8 volumes, 48 issues, and 96 stories from Australia’s leading fiction writers. Here we can add another issue to that, and another two new stories. And …more »

October 16, 2013

RAF Editorial Volume 8: Issue 1

I’ve long been a fan of Ali Alizadeh’s poetry—its fearlessness and surprising humour saw his 2011 collection Ashes in the Air widely celebrated, and with good reason. I’ve also been regularly edified and stimulated by his criticism at Overland and elsewhere. When I discovered he’d written a book of interlinked stories, I was intrigued to …more »

June 3, 2013

RAF Editorial Volume 6: Issue 2

There is something about the work of Jeremy Chambers, its gentle, melancholy watchfulness, that grows inside the reader rather than knocking them over the head. No fireworks, no wordy dazzle: just the slow determined explication of damaged lives and thwarted hopes. Chambers’ first novel, The Vintage and the Gleaning, published three years ago by Melbourne publishers …more »

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